Top Products To Boost Office Morale

Office morale is very important if you want to have productive employees. There are a variety of techniques that management should follow to improve employee and office morale – here we discuss the top products that your company can buy to boost office morale and make the workplace a far happier place for your employees to be.

A Great Coffee Machine

Coffee sets your employees up for the day. A great coffee machine will become a hub of chatter in the office in the morning and if the coffee it produces is of the best quality your employees will really appreciate it and feel valued by your organisation, boosting morale.

Filter based coffee machine suitable for your office kitchen or meeting rooms
Automated bean to cup machine that will wow your employees

The best tip here is to make sure you don’t scrimp on price – depending on the size of your office, this coffee machine is going to be seeing a LOT of action, so think ‘industrial strength’ coffee machine and you’ll be on the right lines.

The best coffee goes from bean to cup – these can be noisy and expensive so you should consider the location they’ll be placed but your employees will definitely appreciate the enhanced taste.

If you don’t want the outlay for the more expensive machines, go for coffee machines with filters or you could always look into renting your coffee machines – for coffee machine rental throughout the UK check out Eden Springs.

Aeron Chairs

I can’t speak highly enough of Aeron chairs. If your employees are sitting down all day then one of the best ways of boosting office morale is to make sure they are comfortable at their workplace. Aeron chairs are expensive, but you CAN buy them second hand and with them being pretty much indestructible this is a great option for saving money.


At a previous company of mine, our office manager was pregnant and talked about how she looked forward to coming to work just because of how comfortable the Aeron chairs are. If you get these your employees will certainly feel valued and they will tell their friends about how much their company is looking after them.

In comparison to getting a coffee machine, this product for boosting office morale is clearly expensive as you’re going to need one for each employee but they can be considered a good asset as they have a strong resale value.

They come in three sizes, A, B and C for small medium and large. Naturally, the B size chairs are the most common in the resale market so I suggest buying as many of your B size chairs second-hand as you can and buy the larger or smaller sizes brand new.

Brand new they’re going to set you back £870 but second hand you can get them from £300 upwards, depending on the size you require. Check out second hand Aeron chairs here.

Big Monitors

Giving your employees larger monitors can boost morale around the office thanks to the resulting increase in productivity. For maximum results, go for dual screen giving your employees the ability to have one screen they are reading from and one they are working on.

There is an incredible amount of options when it comes to buying monitors, but the important factors to remember for the office are screen size (minimum 23″), adjustable height and tilt for comfort and resolution (minimum 1920 x 1080). The brands which make the best monitors are Samsung, LG and Dell so stick to those and you can’t go wrong.


Which Products Have You Used To Boost Office Morale?

Tell us below which products you like for boosting office morale – do you agree with our top products above or do you prefer jelly bean machines, fast PCs, tablets, laptops, wall decorations or some other product for boosting office morale?