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Many organisations attempt to “build” teams.  The reality is that seldom, if ever, is a team built from scratch. Usually there are one or two key individuals who, because of their special skill sets or knowledge, have to be in the team. Others are added in the hope they will gel into the team. However, this teambuilding can be a risky business as the organisation invest considerable sums of money in transferring people into and out of teams while trying to get the right mix.

Why is it that some people work better with a team leader then others do?

Why is it that an individual, who was an excellent employee before the transfer, seems to become problematic overnight?

Behavioural style has a lot to do with it obviously, but aptitude too has a bearing on the success or otherwise of the team.

This is where benchmarking can be extremely useful. It is normal that the team line manager will know who, out of the team, performs best at the job role and who performs worst.

Using our learning speed testing system you can test all the existing members of your team and, with the line managers input, create an extremely important benchmark.

When considering new candidates for employment in that team, you can then compare them against the benchmark you have created to see if they are close to or better than the best performer in the team. With this new process you now have a continually improving team, which over the years will get better and better and its performance and relevance within the company will grow. As years pass, the benchmark can be raised to reflect your team’s new performance excellence.

Remember, for any job role, Improved Employees will be able to help you in creating your benchmark. These 5 aptitude tests in the learning speed aptitude testing system can be applied to almost any job role, as long as the correct benchmark is applied.

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