SoftSkills Support

SoftSkills is incredibly easy to use.

When you start with SoftSkills, here is what will happen:

  1. We will create an account for each of your recruitment consultants.
  2. SoftSkills will send each consultant a link via email to use for testing soft skills of their job-applicants.
  3. Your consultants email the link to their job applicants or include the link in their job adverts.
  4. The soft skills reports get sent to the consultants as the tests are completed.
  5. There is no administration interface – everything is handled via email so your consultants have nothing to learn.
  6. Your consultants then send the soft skills report along with the CV to their clients.

When you sign up we will also ask you for a logo to put on the first page of the reports. This is typically your company’s logo, although it can be a full page logo if you wish.

Emails to candidates are sent from [email protected] so the applicants do not see your consultants email addresses unless they choose to give them out.

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