Strengths List

The following strengths are all identified by our SoftSkills product.

To find out which strengths you have from this list, take the soft skills test.

Good at getting results.
Likes to expedite action.
Prepared to venture into uncharted waters.
Enjoys making decisions.
Will question the status quo.
Looks for and takes authority.
Good at trouble-shooting.
Strong on controlling costs.
Good problem-solver.
Influencing people to act positively and favourably.
Contacting a wide variety of people.
Making favourable first impressions.
Natural verbaliser.
Exhibiting poise.
Motivating others to act.
Desiring to help others.
Generating enthusiasm.
Entertaining people.
Participating in the community.
Radiating optimism.
Performing to an acceptable work pattern.
Sitting or staying at one place.
Can be very patient.
Likes to develop special skills.
Tends to concentrate on the task on hand.
Expresses satisfaction with the job.
Demonstrates strong loyalty.
Can be calm and composed.
Tends to be a good listener.
Good at stabilising excited people.
Likes to follow instructions and directions.
Very interested in quality.
Good at concentrating on detail.
Prefers to operate under controlled circumstances.
Tends to be diplomatic with people.
Checks for accuracy.
Complies with the rules.
Will adhere to procedure.
Will seek to avoid trouble.
Good at criticising performance.