Leadership Skills List

The following leadership skills are all identified by our SoftSkills product.

To find out which leadership skills you have from this list, take the soft skills test.

Direct no-nonsense approach.
Goal oriented.
Encourages others to participate.
Listens carefully.
Coaches and counsels.
Adopts a caring approach.
Seen as genuine and approachable.
Briefs others accurately.
Researches the topic.
Excellent in technical or specialist roles.
Has a consensus style to leadership.
Accommodating of others.
Wears well with people.
Logical and objective leadership style.
Looks for total commitment from others.
Factual and reflective.
Good at imparting urgency.
Demonstrates a can-do approach.
Strives to get others to adopt change.
Loves to be involved.
Confident leader.
Self-reliant and original.
A resourceful leader.