Goal Setting Skills List

The following goal setting skills are all identified by our SoftSkills product.

To find out which goal setting skills you have from this list, take the soft skills test.

Set tough goals for themselves and others.
They adopt a workaholic approach to goals.
Commits with enthusiasm to achievement of goals.
Involves others.
Delegates to others.
Builds confidence in others to achieve the goal.
Team effort important to achievement.
May change direction frequently.
May forget to monitor.
Can miss deadlines.
Listens to others and then agrees the goals.
Clarifies the issues.
Allocates individual goals according to competence level.
Coaches and counsels to assist others.
Employs systems to help attain goals.
May employ historical precedents.
Meticulously plans on a daily basis.
Detailed and accurate.
Likes to express goals in writing.
Good at overcoming shortcomings in others plans.
Excellent at goals relating to quality.
Will consult others about goals.
Will participate with others in achieving goals.
Explains goals to others.
Logically detailed.
Good at setting the big picture objectives.
Cool under fire.
Attacks goals with vigour.
Dynamic and energetic with goals.
Imparts urgency over the achievement of goals.
Bold and adventurous with goals.
Can set unconventional goals if needed.