Creativity Skills List

The following creativity skills are all identified by our SoftSkills product.

To find out which creativity skills you have from this list, take the soft skills test.

Will try the adventurous and unusual.
Needs very little prompting to experiment.
Always seeks improvements.
Enjoys creative solutions.
Naturally involves others in creativity.
Will produce “fun” ideas.
Uninhibited with ideas.
Sees creativity as an extension of communication.
Ideas will be frequent and varied.
Optimistic that their ideas will succeed.
Good listener so tends to accept ideas from others.
Will want to see any ideas carefully thought out.
Good team player so will co-operate with others in creativity.
Good at creation of systems & procedures.
Good at analysing data.
Tends to put ideas in writing.
Good at research and development.
Will always strive for the best results.
Careful with creativity.
Will weigh up the pros and cons.
Can be very creative.
Logical, so ideas are generally well considered.
Will see an idea through to its fruition.
Prefers to deal with facts.
They are very creative.
Can think outside the box.
Is versatile with ideas.
Is never short of ideas.
Can come up with the unusual and unexpected.
Can suggest unconventional ideas.
Has the nerve to try for bold solutions.