Communication Skills List

The following communication skills are all identified by our SoftSkills product.

To find out which communication skills you have from this list, take the soft skills test.

Direct and to the point.
Avoids uncertainty.
Can be good at transmitting ideas, opinions, and instructions.
Verbally confident.
Enthusiastic & humorous.
Effectively uses body language.
Infectious, enthusiastic style of communicating.
Good listener.
Checks for understanding.
Comfortable both with facts and feelings.
Comprehensive reader and writer.
Has a measured delivery.
Clear and concise.
Very factual.
Communication will be thoroughly researched.
Straightforward communicator.
Careful in regard to the message.
Factual and objective communicator.
Prefers to deal in facts rather than feelings.
Works hard to establish relationships.
Fast moving style.
Inspires others to work faster.
Energetic, mobile, inspirational.
Communicates with confidence.
Determined to get the message across.
Good at being original with the message.