Tired of your candidates being rejected?

You’ve found the perfect job applicant for your client, only for them to be rejected. It’s frustrating, we know.

The reasons given for this vary – culture fit, lack of soft skills, team fit …

Often the candidate was reserved on the day and didn’t sell themselves in the best possible light.

Often the truth is lack of complete knowledge about the candidate (the CV only goes so far…)

Often the reason can be different expectations of the applicant prior to interview.

Introducing SoftSkills by Improved Employees

SoftSkills has been designed and developed to help you get your candidates hired more frequently with less pain.

By handing your client a validated soft skills report along with the CV or résumé, you increase the chances of a successful hire.

With more information the interview feels more confident saying YES
The interview runs more smoothly as the interviewer is prepared for who they are meeting
The candidate talks more about their soft skills, selling themselves in the best possible light

So, why continue running the risk of any more unnecessary candidate rejections?

SoftSkills by Improved Employees only highlights positives from the candidates profile – elements the candidate would be happy to have on their CV.

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