Recruitment Consultancy Services

What if you could save your organisation time and money by selecting the best available candidate for any job role?

To many organisations, recruitment is a problem they’d rather not have. They find it difficult to manage, time-consuming and fraught with complex values. No wonder then that many turn to recruitment consultancy organisations for help, relying on them to deal with the screening, interviewing, assessment and profile-matching.

Recruitment need not be so difficult. With Improved Employees TeamBuilder system, your organisation can establish a profile needed for the job vacancy. Candidates can then be screened on or off-site in groups of up 20 at a time. Those candidates, who match exactly, or most closely, the preferred profiles, are interviewed by the line managers. Even here, the TeamBuilder system solves one of the organisation’s dilemmas, as a questionnaire specific to each candidate is available from the software supplied with the system. The optional learning speed scores give an indication of the candidate’s “Mental Horse Power”, and this allows the organisation to select those applicants who not only match the profile, but also are “quick learner”.

This mini-assessment centre approach will, without question, dramatically improve your organisation’s recruitment process and save you thousands into the bargain.

A manager equipped with a report on How to Manage the individual enables the organisation to help any new employee to settle in well to the new role. If the TeamBuilder software is used with existing employees then the manager can identify Training Needs, Strengths and Limitations, and give Career Development advice. This, undoubtedly, is an essential tool to be used prior to sitting down and apprising or counselling an existing employee.

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