Recruiter Offer December 2014

Fed up of hiring managers rejecting your perfect candidates?

When your candidate gets rejected…

You’ve wasted time and energy
You’ve missed out on the commission
You’ve given your competition a chance to get in your clients door

Stop wasting time and losing money

Did you know…?
50% of job candidates are considered introverts, and even extroverts are not good at selling themselves at interview

Automated Interview Preparation

Automatically identifies soft skills and career strengths for each candidate

Provides vocabulary for your candidates to express their strengths at interview

Advanced interview packs help your candidates prepare thoroughly for their interview, including questions tailored specifically to their personality – specifically designed to grill them, like they’ll be grilled by the best interviewers


How does it work?

  1. Email your shortlist of candidates your unique link and ask them to complete the soft skills test.
  2. Your candidates receive their soft skills report, including how to verbalise their key strengths.
  3. You get to filter and sort candidates based on their soft skills and behaviours. You also get to see their soft skills reports.
  4. Send the tailored Interview Pack to the candidate you’re putting forward for interview.
  5. Your candidate arrives at interview prepared, and armed with the ability to describe themselves in the best possible light.

It’s that simple. Your candidate gets far better preparation for their interview and you get more commissions by placing more candidates.


You can filter candidates based on their soft skills and personality traits. So the next time the hiring manager asks you for someone thorough and accurate, you’ll be able to identify those candidates at the click of a button.

Aren't psychometrics expensive?

With other companies, yes! Advanced psychometrics often cost upwards of USD$400 per candidate. These companies often have expensive consultants in tow to validate their expensive price tag.

Improved Employees is different. When we originally built TeamBuilder 1 back in 1999 as desktop software we followed a similar model to other companies, charging for profiling and reports. Since then we’ve built TeamBuilder to scale and as such we can offer the vast majority of the functionality for free

Unlike our competition, we don’t charge anything for profiling candidates and never will. You only pay to generate the advanced reports, and you’ll only need these advanced reports for a small subset of the people you profile.

We use a unit based system to generate reports – Interview packs cost 10 units and Coaching packs cost 15 units. Normally, our pricing starts at about USD$4 per unit so about USD$40 per Interview pack. If an extra candidate placement is going to make you upwards of USD$5,000 then you can see how much of a bargain this is. When you’ve made one additional placement thanks to TeamBuilder 4, you’ll be able to afford TeamBuilder for the rest of your career.

So – what are you waiting for? There’s no risk – we’re giving you the profiling for FREE. Try it out yourself, try it on your team, try it on the next role you’re hiring for. Your candidates will really appreciate the extra help and you’ll really appreciate the extra money in your pocket from placing more candidates.

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