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Three words that closely describe benefits of personality profiling in modern business are effective, valuable and productive. Unfortunately however, three more are expensive, slow and inaccessible. It has been this way since personality testing began, and it was this frustration that brought Improved Employees into existence. Now, 15 years on and thanks to new Cloud based technologies, the revolution that gives access to personality testing to every business, is gathering momentum.

On every front, Improved Employees were the winner.
A business that offers super fast on-line systems, fees that are ‘per business’ and NOT ‘per person’, anytime reporting facets, secure information management and a clinically designed, easy to use web interface, The TeamBuilder system designed by Improved Employees has well and truly brought personality testing into the 20th century.

Why the revolution?

Effective human management is derived from a mix of a manager’s talents and the effective use of information she has to hand. It has been proven time and time again that personality profiling is valuable and beneficial to any business if implemented correctly. However, it is also a specialist subject, which has meant that integrating it into a business can be highly expensive, which reduces its ROI. Some charges for profiling are inexplicably high (£200 per person), which has meant that historically, it has been inaccessible to the business masses. This is the key; it does not have to be expensive.

At the core of our offering is the web interface, digital information management and automated online testing. The result of this is a significantly low operational costs which makes our business ability and offering so affordable that every director, employee and job applicant can be tested with just one fee covering the lot.

What are the benefits of on-line profiling?

  • Comparatively very low cost of integration
  • Greatly increased ROI
  • Immediate results and reporting
  • Improve communication and productivity of each individual, team and the organisation as a whole
  • Business wide cultural improvements
  • Tailored teams according to the desired style you want them to have
  • Improve the effectiveness of your recruitment process
  • The functionality is fully automated and incurs no administration cost
  • Tailor Your Teams – Take Control

Modern personality tests help you tailor your teams according to how you want them to behave and the results your business requires. If you’d like a team to produce more quality, more results or more creativity, access to the Improved Employees system gives the management the power of knowledge about their staff members to adjust a team to deliver exactly that. The system easily identifies individuals in your organisation who have similar characteristics. This knowledge gives managers the ability pick and choose the staff to construct a finely tuned team that will deliver the results the business requires more effectively.

Are we alone?

The short answer is no; there are companies out there that operate with similar services to ours. However, Gordon Brown of ECS recently analysed and compared some of these companies, including ourselves. We were all assessed on a number of factors including quality of reports, ease of administration and cost. On every front Improved Employees were the winner.

Low costs remove barriers

The low operational costs associated to the business model of existing on-line, allows Improved Employees to sell a one off price, to every business, no matter how large or small:

£299 gives you unlimited personality testing for every current employee, job applicant and new employee – for an entire month.

  • Tailor your teams for creativity, quality or results
  • Testing everyone transforms your recruitment, training and team-building exercises
  • Streamline your business culture
  • The most cost-effective personality testing system available anywhere in the world
  • If required, the system can be re-branded as your own, or it can be in-fed to company web pages, integrating it completely into your business culture.

Get TeamBuilder

The pricing is structured so every company can now afford personality profiling. £299 per month gives you unlimited profiling to one administrator account. Sign up for as short or as long as you need – your data is still accessible if your license expires, you just won’t be able to run any new tests. You can restart again whenever you like.

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