Improved Teamwork

Great teamwork starts with employees understanding themselves and their colleagues position in the team. Our automated tests and behaviour reports build self-awareness throughout your company and when your employees then go on to share their reports with their colleagues, ‘other-awareness’ is the next skill to benefit.

Self-awareness and coaching are the first step in building great teamwork within your company and this is discussed in more detail on our improved coaching page.


We don’t force employees to share their reports with their colleagues, but they tend to do it on their own anyway. Employees are generally so excited regarding this new-found knowledge about their own behaviour that they are keen to discover what the TeamBuilder system has to say about their friends and colleagues. This helps to build other-awareness – an understanding in your employees of the behavioural value of their colleagues.

This in turn helps substantially when it comes to teamwork and you’ll soon discover your employees building teams and allocating tasks based on what they are ‘naturally’ good at, all sourced from the Improved Employees TeamBuilder system.

Advanced Team Building

Within the TeamBuilder interface there is an advanced TeamBuilding feature which allows you to filter your employees by over 40 characteristics. This allows you to tailor your teams.