Improved Coaching

TeamBuilder helps improve coaching within your company by providing a frame of reference which your employees will use to discuss their similarities and differences. By exploring their own reports and those of their colleagues, your employees will build self-awareness and other-awareness. Self-awareness helps your employees identify what they need to work on to work better with their colleagues and other-awareness helps them work better in teams.

Frame of Reference

TeamBuilder is based on DISC but the reports are written in such a way that your employees do not need to understand DISC. Instead they can compare and contrast their strengths and weaknesses and benefit to the organisation using plain English. The reports for each employee form the basis from which they can improve their understanding of how they provide value to the organisation.


Improved Employees never limit how many employees you can test and this means that your employees are free to use the system as much as they like. By inviting all of your employees to take the test you will automatically improve self-awareness throughout your company.

Advanced Coaching Reports

In the TeamBuilder interface there are 4 advanced coaching reports available:

  • Management Assessment – what is their natural management style?
  • Training Assessment – how best to improve this employee
  • How To Manage Report – how best to manage this employee
  • Interview Questionnaire – a set of questions you can ask at their interview to help open them up