Improve Employee Efficiency

In a struggling economy, efficiency is very important. Labour costs often top the list of company expenditures, so it’s important for employers to ensure they are getting their dollars’ worth. But there is a fine line between promoting work efficiency, and cutting costs. Efficient companies are able to retain skilled and loyal staff that work together and have an interest in the company’s success.

Factoring in the amount of work completed in comparison to hours worked is one way to gauge employee efficiency, but other factors must be considered in order to find solutions to this problem. Most often, inefficiency cannot be blamed purely on the employees themselves. Regular employee assessments help managers and Human Resources understand where there are skill or experience imbalances within an organization, prompting them to act accordingly.

Building an efficient team is all about fitting personality and skill components together. Where some employees are weak, others should be strong in order to retain a balance. A positive and collaborative work environment ensures higher productivity levels, and empowered teams are better at critical thinking and problem solving. By using psychometrics tools, which measure individual skills and values through psychologically-informed tests, to evaluate employees, managers are able to develop training systems and coaching to increase the workforce skill and productivity level.

Balancing Team Skills and Personalities

Most, if not all, people desire a positive work environment where they feel welcome, challenged, and valued; but not every person enjoys the same challenges or has the same value set. Each individual within a team should be treated as such, so it’s important to know what makes them tick.

Regular employee assessments and reviews are important to learn more about employees, primarily their strengths and weaknesses and how they work within their team and the whole organization. Psychologist-studied psychometrics testing is an excellent way to find out more about employees’ skills, personality, and values. When these components are understood, a manager can go about arranging teams that work together. Weaknesses in some employees can be balanced by strengths in others. Piecing together this interesting and complex puzzle is the way to building an efficient workforce.

“Lopsided” teams do not work as positively as balanced ones do. For example, if a team comprises mostly people who specialize primarily in people relations and rhetoric, then you have a need for employees who are also specialized in administrative or accounting skills. When there is a balance, managers can help employees focus on their areas of strength, while encouraging cross-training in other areas. Balancing personalities and skills within a team is an essential requirement for efficiency and by having employees complete psychometric assessments; managers can better understand how to obtain this balance.

Empowering and Motivating Employees

Once skills and personalities have been assessed through psychometrics, managers can go about improving their teams. There’s nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than a team that does not co-operate, and managers may find the reason for their disjointed team is the fact that they do not have compatible personalities. Sometimes employees are not being empowered or motivated according to their individual values. These things can be found out using psychological assessments.

Managers who empower their employees allow room for creative and critical thinking. By finding out what motivates employees, whether it be money, intellectual stimulation, or personal recognition, managers can tailor their motivational techniques to individuals. This creates a more positive and focused work environment where employees are involved in problem solving and job improvement.

Assessing individual personalities and skills is the key to building a cohesive, positive team. By balancing strengths and weaknesses, and motivating employees according to their values, managers can increase team efficiency. Psychometric employee tests are the first step in creating a more productive and efficient workforce.