HR and Recruitment Writers Wanted

Improved Employees are building a network of HR and Recruitment writers. If you are working in HR or a Recruitment related field, and have the itch to write then please apply.

Perhaps you have yet to take the plunge and write something online? We give you the pre-built platform.

Maybe you’d like to write about the services your HR or recruitment company provide? You can do that too.

How about making extra money? Any sales of Improved Employees products will be split with the author of the article that attracted the traffic.

Reasons to write for us


  1. Industry standard blogging platform – video guides to help you
  2. Write about anything HR or recruitment related – we give you ideas below, but you can write about anything
  3. Boost your LinkedIn or Twitter profiles – all writers will have featured profiles on our HR network pages
  4. Write about your own company if you like – including deeplinks to your company services
  5. Earn 25% of any sales your articles generate
  6. Generate new leads for your business
  7. You get first dibs on running any HR or Recruitment work for any clients who sign up
  8. Membership of our HR network is included for all authors


BONUS! If you sell our products to an existing client of yours, we will give you 50% of the revenue!


You can write your articles in any language, but it must be relevant to HR or Recruitment. See the article suggestions below.

Other than that, the only requirement is that you sign up below – we proof-read every article but if it’s relevant, it will be accepted.

How To Apply

Complete this form to apply and we’ll send you your account details and create a profile page for you:

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    What you would like to write about

    Article Suggestions

    We particularly love anything related to improving employee productivity but anything relating to team building or getting more from employees will be accepted.

    Our clients are very tech-savvy, so we like anything related to using new technology in the workplace. That means SaaS or cloud HR/Recruitment/Team Building make great articles.

    We will make a profile page for you, but you are also free to write about the services that your HR or Recruitment company provide.

    Here are some specific article suggestions to give you ideas:

    Suggested Article Titles


    • SaaS applicant tracking software roundup
    • Using Yammer in the workplace
    • Best practices for agile development
    • How to run the perfect sales interview
    • How to instil a sense of self-improvement throughout your company
    • Managing change with outsourced HR
    • How to get the most from quieter employees


    But, again, you can choose anything you like to write about. If you need help with ideas, apply above and we’ll help you produce ideas.

    If you know of other writers in recruitment or HR who may be interested, please send this to them. There’s room for everyone.