How To Test People

1. There are four methods for testing employees or job applicants. Notice the black bar along the top of the screen when you’re logged into TeamBuilder.

2. ‘Take Test’ – this takes you straight to the test page specific to your company. You can forward this page to anyone you like or take the test yourself.

3. ‘Take Test Via Email’ – this allows you to email the test to people. You may wish to tailor the email that is sent – in which case, send the email to yourself first. Everyone receives the same link (it contains your CompanyID) so you can create one email and re-use it.

4. ‘Invite Test on Your Website’ – this provides you with some html to place the link on your web page.

5. ‘Take Test From Paper’ – if you have paper forms, this button allows you to enter the DISC scores from paper. You can also use this option if you are using paper Learning Speed Tests. Buy paper forms.