How it works for HR

The guide below is an illustration of how you can use the Improved Employees system to improve performance in your company, but the Improved Employees system is flexible enough that you can adjust this plan to suit your needs.

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Assess your team’s soft skills

  1. Send each team member your unique soft skills assessment link via email
  2. Each team member responds in their own time (the assessment takes only 15 minutes)
  3. Results are collated in your Improved Employees admin interface

Perform 360° feedback

  1. Send the 360° feedback links to each respondent – respondents get to view their colleagues soft skills
  2. Respondents rate accuracy and competence, and provide their own comments on 6 key areas of employee performance
  3. In your own time, provide the 360° feedback results to each employee so their self-awareness grows

Create your team profiles

  1. Drag and drop employees into teams in the Improved Employees system
  2. Single click to generate the team report (no more assessment required as it re-uses the results from the soft skills assessment)
  3. Provide the team management cheat sheets to the managers to show the key strengths of each member, how to communicate with each member and how to get the most from each team member

Create a development plan for each employee

  1. Provide the results of the 360° report and the coaching pack to each employee
  2. This helps them understand their value to your company and their team
  3. Create a development plan to help each employee improve performance over a 6 – 12 week period (we can provide you with additional training materials if you don’t already have a preferred training provider)

Improve your employee->job-role match

  1. Use job profiling, characteristic search, employee cloning or team-matching to find the best natural fit for under-performing employees
  2. Explain to them their new role in their new/existing team what characteristics they are bringing to the new role
  3. Explain to others in their team what characteristics they bring to the new role

Improve your interview process

  1. Send your unique job candidate soft skills assessment link to job candidates
  2. Generate the interview pack and provide it to the interviewers, in addition to CV or Resume and any other material you provide your interviewers
  3. Request the interviewers to use the tailored interview questions to get the candidate talking about the soft skills they will bring to the role

Improve your selection process

  1. Filter candidates by characteristics to help you find candidates who match existing team culture or who will help you adjust team culture in the direction you desire
  2. Use employee cloning to find candidates similar to your star-performer employees
  3. Use job-matching to find candidates with natural talents perfectly suited to your job vacancies

These filters should not be used in isolation – a candidates experience, skills, aptitude and career goals should also be taken into account

Tailor and Tweak your teams

  1. Choose the focus you desire for each team
  2. Use characteristic search to find employees and candidates who will help you adjust team focus using their natural talents
  3. Explain to the employee or candidate, and the team, why they are being introduced to the team

Get measured productivity improvements over 6 weeks to 9 months

  1. After 6 weeks of behaviour adjustment and improvement, send out the 360° feedback surveys again
  2. Respondents answer the same questions again on employee performance for 6 key areas
  3. Use the results of these assessments to prove the ROI you have achieved using the Improved Employees system

Repeating the 360° feedback process for employees incurs no additional charge!

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