Natural Talent Discovery

Improved Employees is a complete suite of natural talent discovery tools made for recruiters, human resources, managers, coaches and employees. It includes all the tools you need to discover and develop natural talent.
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  • Make your candidates more likely to be hired
  • Discover natural talent in your candidate pool
  • Quicker, easier shortlisting
  • Better, more effective interviews
  • Better team integration
  • Unlimited profiling and shortlisting features included FREE

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  • Your employees will interview like seasoned pros
  • Employee self improvement
  • In-depth personalised coaching packs
  • Team-management cheat sheets
  • Better and easier employee reviews
  • Unlimited profiling and team modelling features included FREE

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Advanced Psychometrics

TeamBuilder is an advanced psychometrics tool used by recruiters, HR and coaches to help them do their jobs better.

An online test is provided, containing a unique identifier. When people take the psychometric test through your personal link, their profiles appear in your TeamBuilder.

Within TeamBuilder, you can filter and sort people based on their personality profiles, match them to teams based on fit, and produce a variety of reports.

Reports available include:

  • Coaching pack – aimed at helping people improve their performance
  • Interview pack – aimed at making your staff excellent interviewers
  • Team report – aimed at managers, helping them manage each employee according to their needs

That’s not all. The psychometric test itself is self-teaching. Once people have taken the test, they are presented with their own personal development pack. This includes highlights of their own soft skills – their own particular strengths – which they bring to the workplace. This feature alone helps transform employee productivity, and if you’re a recruiter – helps your candidates stand out at interview as they’ll be the ones that have a fuller understanding of their soft skills.