SoftSkills Sample – Steady Individual

The sample report below is of a steady individual – the lifeblood of your business. These individuals work best in a role where they can be secure that there is precedent to rely on and they will tend to give a consistent, continuous, reliable output. Give them a well-designed role to perform and they will work hard at it, continuously improving in speed, efficiency and output month after month.

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Soft Skills Report for Mr Steady Simpson


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soft Skills of Mr Simpson

This overview outlines the natural soft-skills of Mr Simpson and has an accuracy of more than 80%. It does not take into account soft-skills they may have gained through training.


Key-traits: Patient, persistent, suspicious, thoughtful
Thorough, sincere, loyal, genuine, amiable, kind, suspicious, security conscious, possessive, hard-working, reserved, reflective, non-aggressive, sometimes irritable, persistent, dependable, asks “why”.

Key Strengths

  • Mr Simpson has the ability to present a calm and unruffled exterior and uses his good listening skills to great effect.
  • He is able to stick at a task and see it through to its ultimate conclusion.
  • As a team member, Mr Simpson is open, patient and tolerant of other team members.
  • He has the innate ability to calm more excitable colleagues.

Value To The Company

  • Enjoys performing to an accepted work pattern.
  • Has no difficulty in sitting or staying at one place.
  • Tends to develop special skills.
  • Expresses quiet satisfaction with the job.
  • Is generally composed and has a calming effect on others.
  • Tends to be loyal to the organisation.

Career Strengths

  • Performing to an acceptable work pattern.
  • Sitting or staying at one place.
  • Can be very patient.
  • Likes to develop special skills.
  • Expresses satisfaction with the job.
  • Can be calm and composed.

Decision Making

  • Will follow the process.
  • Extremely fair and judicious.
  • Logical approach.
  • Likes to reflect on decisions overnight.

Secondary strengths: not impulsive in decision making, has the ability to take an independent stance

Leadership & Motivation

  • Coaches and counsels.
  • Seen as genuine and approachable.
  • Looks for total commitment from others.
  • Factual and reflective.

Secondary strengths: accommodating of others
, self-reliant and original


  • Good listener.
  • Comfortable both with facts and feelings.
  • Factual and objective communicator.
  • Prefers to deal in facts rather than feelings.

Secondary strengths: careful in regard to the message, good at being original with the message

Goal Setting

  • Employs systems to help attain goals.
  • Meticulously plans on a daily basis.
  • Logically detailed.
  • Good at setting the big picture objectives.

Secondary strengths: explains goals to others, can set unconventional goals if needed


  • Will want to see any ideas carefully thought out.
  • Good team player so will co-operate with others in creativity.
  • Logical, so ideas are generally well considered.
  • Prefers to deal with facts.

Secondary strengths: will weigh up the pros and cons, can suggest unconventional ideas