SoftSkills Sample – Influential Individual

The sample report below is of a very influential and sociable individual who would work well in a role where they have to work with and through people. These individuals tend to have a very large network of friends and colleagues to call upon to help them achieve business goals.

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Soft Skills Report for Mr Influential Irvine


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soft Skills of Mr Irvine

This overview outlines the natural soft-skills of Mr Irvine and has an accuracy of more than 80%. It does not take into account soft-skills they may have gained through training.


Key-traits: Creative, enthusiastic, friendly, self-confident
Outgoing, gregarious, persuasive, friendly, mobile, active, alert, restless, sometimes defiant and sarcastic, strong-willed, self-starter, internally modest and peaceful, asks “who”.

Key Strengths

  • Mr Irvine is optimistic with a positive sense of humour.
  • He places the focus on people and a high trust on relationships.
  • He develops friendships quickly, and enjoys networking.
  • He uses a democratic approach to decision making.

Value To The Company

  • Enjoys meeting people.
  • Pulls out all the stops to make a favourable impression.
  • Encourages and enthuses others to act.
  • Good at entertaining people.
  • Loves to participate in the community.
  • Radiates optimism and a can-do attitude.

Career Strengths

  • Influencing people to act positively and favourably.
  • Contacting a wide variety of people.
  • Motivating others to act.
  • Desiring to help others.
  • Generating enthusiasm.
  • Radiating optimism.

Decision Making

  • Promotes discussion.
  • Prefers to take people with him.
  • Cautious in decision making.
  • Not impulsive in decision making.

Secondary strengths: has the ability to take an independent stance, industrious and flexible decision maker

Leadership & Motivation

  • Positive.
  • Encourages others to participate.
  • Accommodating of others.
  • Wears well with people.

Secondary strengths: self-reliant and original
, strives to get others to adopt change


  • Enthusiastic & humorous.
  • Infectious, enthusiastic style of communicating.
  • Diplomatic.
  • Careful in regard to the message.

Secondary strengths: determined to get the message across
, energetic, mobile, inspirational

Goal Setting

  • Involves others.
  • Team effort important to achievement.
  • Will consult others about goals.
  • Explains goals to others.

Secondary strengths: can set unconventional goals if needed, imparts urgency over the achievement of goals


  • Involves others.
  • Team effort important to achievement.
  • Careful with creativity.
  • Will weigh up the pros and cons.

Secondary strengths: can suggest unconventional ideas, is never short of ideas