SoftSkills Sample – Dominant Individual

The sample report below is of a very decisive and driving individual who would work well in a directing or management role where results are what matters most. These individuals are highly sought after for their no-nonsense, business focussed approach. They continually drive themselves and others forward to achieve the goals of the business.

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Soft Skills Report for Mr Decisive Daniels


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soft Skills of Mr Daniels

This overview outlines the natural soft-skills of Mr Daniels and has an accuracy of more than 80%. It does not take into account soft-skills they may have gained through training.


Key-traits: Creative, efficient, independent, suspicious
Driving, competitive, daring, forceful, decisive, inquisitive, self-starter, reserved, reflective, suspicious, eager, energetic, impatient, firm, persistent, obstinate and rigid.

Key Strengths

  • Mr Daniels has the ability to tackle tough problems, and deal with many issues.
  • He is forward looking, assertive and competitive.
  • He has the ability to work in an environment that has variety and change.
  • He seeks to initiate activity and set a pace to achieve the desired results.

Value To The Company

  • Driving both himself and others to get results.
  • Relishes and generally rises to a challenge.
  • Likes to be involved in making decisions.
  • Enjoys questioning the status quo.
  • Loves to get involved in trouble-shooting.
  • Can be very forceful at driving through cost-cutting measures.

Career Strengths

  • Good at getting results.
  • Prepared to venture into uncharted waters.
  • Enjoys making decisions.
  • Will question the status quo.
  • Good at trouble-shooting.
  • Good problem-solver.

Decision Making

  • Emphatic.
  • Looks at the bottom line.
  • Prepared to change his mind.
  • Industrious and flexible decision maker.

Secondary strengths: likes to reflect on decisions overnight, can be unconventional in decision making

Leadership & Motivation

  • Direct no-nonsense approach.
  • Proactive.
  • Strives to get others to adopt change.
  • Loves to be involved.

Secondary strengths: factual and reflective, a resourceful leader


  • Direct and to the point.
  • Can be good at transmitting ideas, opinions, and instructions.
  • Fast moving style.
  • Energetic, mobile, inspirational.

Secondary strengths: factual and objective communicator
, determined to get the message across

Goal Setting

  • Sets tough goals for themselves and others.
  • Commits with enthusiasm to achievement of goals.
  • Dynamic and energetic with goals.
  • Imparts urgency over the achievement of goals.

Secondary strengths: cool under fire, can set unconventional goals if needed


  • Will try the adventurous and unusual.
  • Enjoys creative solutions.
  • Is very creative.
  • Is never short of ideas.

Secondary strengths: prefers to deal with facts, can suggest unconventional ideas