SoftSkills Sample – Compliant Individual

The sample report below is of a compliant individual – in DISC terminology this means they are ‘rule followers’. These individuals are fantastic in your business where quality is required, as quality is their primary concern. They can be placed in tough roles where others might accept a ‘good enough’ solution but what you really need is the best, the perfect solution.

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Soft Skills Report for Mr Compliant Campbell


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Soft Skills of Mr Campbell

This overview outlines the natural soft-skills of Mr Campbell and has an accuracy of more than 80%. It does not take into account soft-skills they may have gained through training.


Key-traits: Accurate, co-operative, sensitive, suspicious
Precise, quiet, careful, painstaking, accurate, specialist, non-aggressive, systematic, logical, compliant, adaptable, objective, anti-hassle, worrier, asks “how”.

Key Strengths

  • Mr Campbell has the ability to do tough assignments and get them right.
  • Mr Campbell is alert to errors.
  • He likes to be involved in work where precision and accuracy are called for.
  • Takes a disciplined approach to tasks.
  • Likes to be organised, punctual and knowledgeable.

Value To The Company

  • Likes to follow directions and standards.
  • Can concentrate well on quality issues.
  • Prefers to operate under controlled circumstances.
  • Checks instinctively for accuracy.
  • Will comply with the rules and directives.
  • Will adhere (and ensure others adhere) to procedure.

Career Strengths

  • Likes to follow instructions and directions.
  • Very interested in quality.
  • Tends to be diplomatic with people.
  • Checks for accuracy.
  • Complies with the rules.
  • Will seek to avoid trouble.

Decision Making

  • Takes a logical approach to decision making.
  • Records the details.
  • Not overly swayed by emotional arguments.
  • Likes to reflect on decisions overnight.

Secondary strengths: prepared to change his mind
, not impulsive in decision making

Leadership & Motivation

  • Briefs others accurately.
  • Researches the topic.
  • Logical and objective leadership style.
  • Factual and reflective.

Secondary strengths: loves to be involved, accommodating of others


  • Very factual.
  • Communication will be thoroughly researched.
  • Factual and objective communicator.
  • Prefers to deal in facts rather than feelings.

Secondary strengths: fast moving style
, careful in regard to the message

Goal Setting

  • Detailed and accurate.
  • Excellent at goals relating to quality.
  • Logically detailed.
  • Good at setting the big picture objectives.

Secondary strengths: imparts urgency over the achievement of goals, will participate with others in achieving goals


  • Good at research and development.
  • Will always strive for the best results.
  • Will see an idea through to its fruition.
  • Prefers to deal with facts.

Secondary strengths: can think outside the box, will weigh up the pros and cons