Employee Improvement

There are two key aspects to employees which affect their performance at work, excluding stress factors.

  1. Their past experience and skills learned
  2. Their preferred behaviour style

You can only measure their experience from CVs and this is where our TeamBuilder product steps in – it allows you to measure the behaviour of your employees and candidates.

Employee Communication

The biggest problem facing companies when building successful teams is getting their employees talking. Lack of communication or poor communication will cripple team-work and any projects that team are embarking upon.

  • Our 8 TeamBuilder behaviour reports will get your employees talking to each other

Every employee is different and our reports will give your employees a framework with which to discuss their similarities and differences. The level of knowledge they gain, with psychologists intelligence built into the automated reports, will last them a lifetime and allow them to appreciate their own best position in teams and their team-mates natural abilities in a far more open manner. Get our free trial to see this in action for yourself.

Employee Motivation

Do you think employees are only motivated by money? You’re wrong if you do. Every employee has different motivations for staying with your company and our reports will give you detailed insights as to how to motivate each and every one of them. Some will be motivated and energised by public praise whilst others will hate that and will prefer you to privately tell them how much you appreciated the accuracy and completeness of their last piece of work or contibution to the team.

Employee Training

We can’t help you with job-skills training but if you want to know where to spend your money on ‘soft-skills’ training then our ‘Training Assessment Report’ is perfect for you. It will give you an outline of what training to give each employee to make them better team-mates, to minimise their weaknesses and maximise their strengths.

Employee Management

You’ve probably heard it before – each employee should be managed differently, but wouldn’t you like a guide which explains exactly how to manage each individual employee to get the most from them? By communicating with your employees the way that they prefer to be communicated with, you will not only get your message(s) across far more quickly you will also end up with far more highly motivated employees. Our ‘How To Manage’ report is perfect for you if this is what you are looking for.

Employee Self-Awareness

Everyone who takes our test gets to read their own reports. We believe this is the best way to build self-awareness which ultimately leads to ‘other-awareness’ and improved team-working and understanding of their own capabilities. Our ‘Detailed Assessment’ report is perfect for employees looking to learn more about themselves – you won’t have to push them to read this, it’s deliberately the first report they will see in our system.

Our prices are incredibly low – we have used web 2.0 technology to scale this product up and eliminate the ‘per candidate’ fee that every other profiling company charges. You can integrate our system as loosely or as tightly as you like into your recruitment process with 3 options for inviting candidates – email, a hyperlink on your website or a complete white-label integration into your job application.

The best-practice approach is to benchmark your existing employees and then profile every candidate who applies to work at your company using one of the 3 integration options.