Employee Improvement Using TeamBuilder

Improved Employees are the creators of TeamBuilder, a software service that allows you to profile all of your employees behavioural characteristics for one low price. Your employees will be able to view 8 DISC based reports about themselves, helping them to identify areas of improvement and improve their self-awareness. This results in improved team-working ability, improved communication skills and a higher ability to work with different personalities.

TeamBuilder also allows you to profile your job applicants – by allowing your job applicants to read their own behaviour reports ahead of the interview, they will arrive more ready to talk openly about their strengths and weaknesses, creating a far more open discussion where you get to know the candidate better and have a better interview experience. 

Advanced features include filtering your employees/candidates by 18 personality traits including persistence, accuracy, patience, creativity and more. These filters can be used to help move a team in the direction you wish. If, for example, you wish to make a team more accurate, you can filter your employees/candidates by accuracy and choose which person you wish to add to the team.

By default, no consultants are involved – all guidance and support is online in the form of video and text content.

Finally, your employees will have regular access to training material specific to their strengths and weaknesses and training needs, helping them to improve throughout their time at your company.