TeamBuilder DISC Profiling Feature List

Improve your recruitment process with our best-of-breed TeamBuilder cloud-based recruitment system.

  • Build better short-lists in far less time.
  • Avoid bad hires
  • Reduce time spent preparing for interviews.
  • Generate interview packs to guide you through the interview process for each applicant.
  • Find job-applicants similar to your star-performing employees.
  • Automatically locate job-applicants with the behaviour your company needs or wants.

Improve your employees today using our TeamBuilder behaviour coaching system. Get set up and go in less than 5 minutes.

  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve communication.
  • Improve your managers effectiveness.
  • Improve leadership skills throughout your teams.
  • Get better results from your teams.
  • Automate coaching.

TeamBuilder is an automated cloud-based behavior profiling system. It tests all of your employees and job applicants using an industry standard DISC psychometrics test and brings the following tools into your secure TeamBuilder interface:

Recruitment Tools

  • Shortlist creation – filter applicants by their characteristics to build short-lists in record time. Over 25 characteristics to choose from including management style, communication style + more.
  • Interview Guide – probing interview questions and guide produced for each applicant.
  • Employee cloning – click a button, find applicants who have similar behavior to your star performing employees.
  • Executive Summary – discover each persons key value to the organisation.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses – discover each applicants key strengths and weaknesses for the business.
  • Career Strengths – discover each applicants naturally preferred career

Employer Tools

  • Automatic coaching – everyone gets sent the relevant reports to help them improve.
  • TeamBuilding tools – tailor your teams for over 25 desired characteristics including productivity, accuracy, creativity.
  • Improved communication – TeamBuilder provides a framework for employees to discuss their similarities and differences. Watch their communication skills go through the roof!
  • Improved teamwork – after a week of using TeamBuilder, you will see teamwork improving automatically.
  • Management Assessment Report – a review of each persons preferred management style.
  • Training Assessment – how to improve each employee.
  • Detailed Assessment – A detailed work behavior review of each employee.
  • How To Manage Report – how to manage and communicate with each employee.

Best Pricing On The Market, Guaranteed!

  • Per-business fee – unlike our competitors, you get one low fee so you control your costs.
  • Unlimited use – test and profile EVERYONE, use every aspect of the TeamBuilder system.
  • GUARANTEED – you get a 60 day money-back guarantee.
  • No minimum duration – sign up for 1 month if you like, stop and start if you like.
  • While our competition charge you £30+ per respondent, we charge £99 per month, unlimited usage.

What You Get

TeamBuilder gives you unlimited DISC assessments, unlimited coaching reports, unlimited interview packs and unlimited management packs.

  • Behaviour coaching
  • Short-list assistance
  • Characteristic finder
  • Unlimited DISC assessments (personality tests)
  • Unlimited behaviour reports (8 reports per respondent, 25+ pages)
  • Secure cloud based technology
  • Zero installation, low administration, high ROI

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