Diagnostic Consultancy Services

Many a senior manager has faced the quandary of what to do with a team which is not quite performing to a standard which could reasonably be expected. They tinker about with the team leadership, they introduce new processes, they even add different members in an effort to get better results, but still they are frustrated because of below par performance.

Improved Employees provides the ideal way to focus on those teams which are not quite performing to optimum effect. Whether it be a Management or a non-management team, a sale or a service team, a day facilitated by one of our experienced consultants will pay dividends.

The group is introduced to DISC and looks at the reasons why people behave the way they do. Improved Employees look in detail at the behaviour that could reasonably be expected by each job holder within the team and identifies conflicts, alliances and training needs.

Individual roles within the team define a culture that should prevail in order that they could do more effective. Various exercises take place all with a view to letting both they and their manager see how the team members interact with each other.

The consultant then facilitates a brainstorming session, and helps them to identify just what are their pressing problems.

In due course, by common consent, the team not only identify the top 9 problems but prioritise them. Small groups then work out ways to remedy each of the top three problems after which their solutions are presented to the team as a whole. Everyone is then given the task of agreeing a plan which will address the top three problems.

Finally, the consultant produces a written report which summarises everything which has happened on the day, together with an individual report on each team member. Any training needs identified can be followed up internally within the organisation or provided by Improved Employees.

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