Custom DISC Reports

Our DISC profiling system allows you to create custom DISC reports. You can combine any of the existing 8 reports into a new report to produce your custom report.

The TeamBuilder interface comes with 2 custom reports by default but you can expand on this. The default custom reports are ‘Coaching Reports’ and ‘Interview Reports’, which is suitable for most companies uses to produce the reports they need in one pack.

Configuring your custom reports

Click ‘Settings’ to reveal the ‘custom reports’ option from within TeamBuilder.

Screenshot of DISC Report Customisation

Choose which DISC reports you want and in which order they should appear in your custom report. Drag and drop reports to re-arrange the order.

Customise your reports however you like

Select your custom reports from within the TeamBuilder interface

Your custom reports will be added to the ‘custom reports’ dropdown selector from within the TeamBuilder interface.