Clone Your Employees

Have you ever wished you could clone your star employee?

Improved Employees has developed TeamBuilder to help. When you are running your next recruitment campaign, at the click of a button you can identify which of the job applicants have similar behaviour to the employee you’d like to clone and then invite those applicants to interview.

At the click of a button you can identify which of the job applicants have similar behaviour to the employee you’d like to clone…
Some differences will exist of course – your employee clone will have a different set of experiences and potentially a different speed of learning – but by using our employee cloning feature you will maximise the similarities which will include similar fears, similar drivers, similar characteristics and a similar set of values.

Employee Cloning Applications

There are clearly many uses for employee cloning, depending on which sector your business is in. Some examples include:

  • Clone your top sales person
  • Clone your top customer care employee
  • Clone yourself!

How Does Employee Cloning Work?

You must have a TeamBuilder account. These are amazingly cheap with an incredible ROI. The first thing you do with TeamBuilder is to personality-profile all of your existing employees. This is as simple as emailing them each your own unique test-link and is provided within the TeamBuilder system. Once you have profiled all of your existing employees, you can now use the employee cloning feature. Send the TeamBuilder test-link to each of your job applicants and they will complete the 10 minute test. The total amount of work involved from you is just sending the emails to each employee or applicant. You can even publish the link on your intranet or internet to make it even easier for people to take the test.

As the job applicant profiles arrive in your TeamBuilder account, you can click the button next to your star-performer (your top sales person, your top customer care employee or yourself!) and TeamBuilder will filter the job applicants to those who have very similar behaviour. Employee cloning has never been so easy!

Alternative Form of Employee Cloning

TeamBuilder also supports a less aggressive form of employee cloning. Listed next to each employee/job applicant in your TeamBuilder account is a list of 4 or 5 of the key characteristics of this person. Rather than looking for an exact clone of your star performer, you can actually click whichever characteristic they have that makes them stand out. This opens up the field a little as TeamBuilder is no longer looking for exact matches but is still incredibly useful, if for example you wish to find all the ‘patient’ job applicants or all the ‘self-confident’ job applicants. There are a total of 18 characteristics that you can choose to filter your job applicants by.

Cloning Employees Has Never Been So Easy

At the click of a button you will discover who you should be putting on your short-list if you wish to find someone similar to your star-performer. The interview still matters of course, but TeamBuilder has just made your job a whole lot easier by vastly reducing how many people you must interview to find who you’re looking for.