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The learning speed aptitude tests are aptitude tests which have been developed and validated over some 20+ years. These aptitude tests give organisation fast and very reliable information about the learning ability of applicants. When faced with two or three similarly qualified candidates, who possess much the same behaviour traits, only the learning speed tests will tell the recruiting organisation which candidate to choose. These aptitude test tell you whether the applicant is good at written communication, whether or not the applicant is logical, is comfortable with numbers, has a good working memory and how well they cope with schematics or diagrams.

In the learning speed aptitude testing system, there are actually 5 separate aptitude test to give a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s trainability and learning ability.

These tests are: Feature Detection, Reasoning, Number Speed and Accuracy, Working Memory and Orientation.

 The tests themselves aren’t actually difficult if performed outside a time frame. With a time frame of between 3 and 5 seconds per question (depending on the test in question), speed and accuracy are called for. Because of this, the tests are paper-based to limit differentiations in speed and accuracy which are outside a person’s actual learning ability. The TeamBuilder software is used along with the tests to provide scoring against a norm table and method of comparing candidates.

Once a candidate has completed the learning speed aptitude testing system, the administrator marks the test using our supplied marking kit and enters the scores into our TeamBuilder software. The software scores the test against a norm table and produces a percentile result for each test section as well as an overall percentile. The default norm table is based on a medium-sized, high-tech company’s workforce, comprising a complete mix of people from executives to engineers, office staff and manufacturing operatives, upon which you can base your benchmarks. This norm table can be customised to your organisation once you have tested enough candidates.

We send all our paper based tests by courier, so they can be with you in a few days and you can start testing without delay.

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