Improved Employees Affiliate Program

We have a superb B2B DISC profiling product very similar to that of Thomas International, SHL and PeopleMaps. The price point is £99 per month with the first month half-price. As an affiliate you can earn 50% of this recurring revenue.

Earn Recurring Revenue

We have an incredibly high retention rate. Our product is incredibly well priced compared to our competition and because of this our customers stay with us.

As an affiliate, you will earn 50% of the initial AND recurring revenue, indefinitely.

Which B2B traffic will convert?

Since our DISC profiling product is a B2B product, it requires far more highly targeted traffic in order to convert but the rewards are massive when they do convert.

The following type of traffic converts the best:

  • Recruitment agencies
  • CEOs
  • Job Boards
  • Small business owners
  • HR managers
  • HR consultancies
  • Team Managers
  • Anyone involved in coaching or recruitment

Tips for converting your traffic

Send traffic through for anyone interested in the following:

  • DISC profiling
  • Psychometric tests
  • Recruitment Tools
  • Behaviour Profiling
  • Coaching
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee screening
  • HR Tools

The best converting traffic is traffic you know personally. If you know someone personally in any of the positions above, they are the likeliest to convert.

Market via email, your website, the telephone or in-person

Use whatever creative you like and we will convert the traffic – all you have to do is send the traffic our way.

Always get the credit for the sale

We track customers from landing on our site to the point of purchase so you get credited for the sale. The B2B sales pipeline takes longer than with B2C – we recognise this and our cookies last indefinitely as a result and on top of this, we do not rely only on cookies. If a customer telephones to make a purchase, we will discover who referred them so we can credit you with the sale. If a customer buys from a different PC, we will also discover who referred them to us so we can credit you with the sale.

It is in our interest to have a strong and loyal affiliate group, so trust is of paramount importance.

Improved Employees Affiliate Facts

  • Automated sales pipeline via free-trial and full tracking system
  • Cookie length of 365 days
  • Affiliate ID additionally tracked via database so you get credit even if they sign up from a different PC
  • 50% affiliate commission
  • Recurring revenue with very long retention rates (measured in years, not months)
  • Super B2B product, better than the competition, high conversion rates
  • Perfect for recruiter traffic, HR traffic, coaching traffic, CEO traffic, business traffic
  • Works in all sectors

Get Started Now

We use ClickBank to track referrals.

Sign up for a ClickBank account and then use the following link, replacing YOURAFFILIATEID with your own ClickBank username:

Test it out and ensure it arrives at our sales pitch page, check the BUY NOW button takes the user to the payment page and that your affiliatename is display across the bottom of the purchase page.

We track your hopname with any email signups that occur, and we also do it wherever possible with any social media shares that occur (not always possible as some social media sites re-fetche the page and look for the og:url meta-keywords to identify the canonical URL 🙁 )

Sign up for a Clickbank account to get started