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Below you will find affiliate tools, creatives, images, banners, email content and more to help you promote our TeamBuilder product.

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TeamBuilder Affiliate Facts

  • Automated sales pipeline via free-trial and full tracking system
  • Cookie length of 365 days
  • Affiliate ID additionally tracked via database so you get credit even if they sign up from a different PC
  • 50% affiliate commission
  • Recurring monthly revenue with very long retention rates (measured in years, not months)
  • Super B2B product, better than the competition, high conversion rates
  • Perfect for recruiter traffic, HR traffic, coaching traffic, CEO traffic, business traffic
  • Works in all sectors

Affiliate Tracking

We use ClickBank to track our affiliate sales. If you have an account already, you’re ready to start promoting us. If not, sign up for a ClickBank account here. It’s easy and it’s free.

Tracking Links

Enter your clickbank affiliateid here and click ‘Save’ to update all affiliate links on this page.

Link: http://[affiliateid] (our vendor name is matiogi)
Recruiter hyperlink: <a href="http://[affiliateid]">Build your short-lists faster, easier and better</a>
Employer/coach hyperlink: <a href="http://[affiliateid]">Improve employee leadership skills using cloud technology</a>

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Promote via Email

Got an email list? Send one of these emails to generate recurring revenue from every client that signs up.

Subject:Build your short-lists faster, easier and better
Discover a new tool to dramatically cut down how much time you spend building short-lists. Choose job applicants to populate your shortlist based on over 20 characteristics including: accuracy, productivity, creativity and more.

<a href="http://[affiliateid]">Sign up for a free trial now</a>

Subject:Improve employee leadership skills using cloud technology
Improve the leadership skills of all your employees automatically using new cloud-based technology. TeamBuilder automatically tests your employees and sends them reports to improve their leadership, management skills, communication and team-working abilities.

<a href="http://[affiliateid]">Sign up for a free trial now</a>

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