About Improved Employees

About Improved Employees

This site is the B2B side of Matiogi Ltd and is wholly owned by Matiogi Ltd.

Matiogi Ltd is a UK (Edinburgh) based company specialising in technology for recruitment and team building. Using technology, we have driven prices so low that our competitors cannot compete on price.

Our behaviour profiles provide a framework for employees to discuss their similarities and differences and enable them to really open up and see themselves as others see them. This helps foster better team-work improving various soft-skill traits in employees including, but not limited to, employee engagement, employee motivation, employee satisfaction and above all else, employee communication.

Our filters that allow companies to view their employees by the characteristics they add to the team allows team builders to design teams based on how they would like the team to behave.

Meet The Director

David Hilditch is the director and founder of Matiogi Ltd. With an impressive technical background (previously “Head of Search Technology” at Skyscanner), he has used his expertise to scale TeamBuilder up into a product which can handle hundreds of thousands of users per day. He has introduced previous TeamBuilder versions into various companies throughout the world in the past and has now built a product capable of being used by anyone in any English speaking country.

Based out of Edinburgh, UK, David is keen to see companies around the world embrace his new pricing model for TeamBuilder which, with the absence of per-candidate fees, he believes will revolutionise the team-building, coaching and recruitment markets in 2012.

Want to talk?

You can call us directly on 0131 553 4870 or use the contact page.

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Thank You To Other Companies

We’d like to thank MaxMind for their GEOIP services and Hallmark Solutions for all of their consultancy work over the years.