8 Reasons Recruiters are Impressed with Personal Websites

8 Reasons Recruiters are Impressed with Personal Websites

It’s no secret many Americans are looking for a job. Although the unemployment rate has been on a roller coaster of ups and downs, job applicants are pushing hard to find full-time employment. As a recruiter, you’ve got to deal with the brunt of an endless stream of applications.


Isn’t it nice when there’s someone with a personal website?


You’re able to read all about them, see their work, and even get in touch with them through their site. Shouldn’t everyone have a personal website?

Well, yes. They should. And here’s ten reasons to strengthen the argument. Hopefully, this makes your job more exciting, rather than pushing paper all afternoon. Here we go:

1. You’re tech savvy

Even if you’re looking for a customer service associate or freelance copywriter, having technical skills are incredibly valuable. Applicants can not only fix their own computer without having to take up IT’s precious time, but they’re able to help teach others about programs, work faster using online tools, and have a general appreciation for the power of the web.


2. You have basic HTML & CSS skills

Coding is the secret skill. Those who possess it will go far in their careers. And even though some of the personal websites may be templates, at least they can hack a website together with basic HTML & CSS skills. These skills are important when it comes to keeping online documents updated including your website, email newsletter, and online advertising. They’re valuable skills to have.


3. You have some sense of style (and not comic sans)

Does your marketing intern need to know how to use Photoshop? Or, what about your administrator – do they need to make a flyer for the summer company bbq? Applicants with websites have some design aesthetic. Plus, they know not to use comic sans. What more could you ask for?


4. You get stuff done

It’s no surprise you’re looking for someone who does their work, does it well, and then some. Applicants with personal websites, updated blogs, and a portfolio of accomplishments get stuff done. They’re workaholics. Having a team of people who get stuff done is sure to bring your department – and company – to the next level.


5. You let recruiters into your online life

Asking for Facebook passwords to see if your applicant leads a crazy life? Ask no more. With personal websites, you get a feel for who the applicant is — what they do for fun, they’re professional portfolio of work, and even their tweets about the latest restaurant in town. Remember, applicants are people, too. And a personal website is a great way to go beyond the resume to learn more.

6. You’re not just a _____.

Applicants apply to a job for one of two reasons: They don’t have a job or they’re unhappy in their current position. And often times, they’re good at one thing: marketing, management, customer service, etc. You’re looking for someone who hasn’t siloed themselves, aren’t you? Applicants with personal websites have several talents: Project management, coding skills, writing ability, online influence – the list goes on.

7. You’re well-connected

Most people who hang out on the internet have a lot of friends. They’re LinkedIn profiles are stacked, they have a couple mentors, and they can connect you with local business people within hours. Connected applicants are a gold-mine because they know how to use other people to get more done. Plus, they’ll help you get more business using the web. And who doesn’t like that?

8. You recognize cover letters and resumes are boring

You’ve seen thousands of resumes. They all look the same: Times New Roman, big names on top, bulleted lists, etc. It’s boring. No applicants make themselves stand-out. Sure, you could use colored paper but often times that’s annoying, isn’t it? Applicants who have harnessed the power of the web realize they’re so much more than a piece of paper and try to entertain you with their “web personality”.

The web has changed a lot of things. For some reason, though, job applications are, for the most part done on paper or emailed. That’s just boring. Hopefully these reasons show the importance of a personal website and why, no matter the job you’re looking for, you should get one. Impress your HR manager for once. Then, you might land that first phone interview. That’d be sweet, huh?


Author bio: Michael Adams is the Manager of Account Trajectory at QuizBean, an online quiz maker to help teachers instantly know how they’re students are performing. Make your first quiz for free at QuizBean.com.