8 DISC Reports

The Improved Employees DISC Profiling system produces 8 targeted reports to give you more information ahead of interview, help you produce your short-list and help you coach and improve your employees.

Below you’ll find a summary of each of the report types available in our DISC profiling system along with example reports in PDF format based on a fictitious job applicant called ‘Penelope Pitstop’. Penelope Pitstop is a friendly, yet detailed, individual for the sake of our example.

Overview of Our Example Candidate

Here is an excerpt from one of the reports to give you a flavour of the kind of detail that is produced from our DISC profiling system.


Miss Pitstop is accurate, exact and technically-motivated. She can focus on facts/procedures and data on a range of topics. Miss Pitstop possesses the capacity to take in and convey information, but the latter will tend to be rather factual. Though detail-motivated, she is not especially patient or well-organised and can grow bored and irritated if tasks are of a routine or repetitive nature. Miss Pitstop by nature is not aggressive and has an inherent social requirement. This can have the consequence of her becoming overly concerned with trying to please others and so for her to be seen by others as accurate. Not especially authoritative, Miss Pitstop should not be pressurised into a situation whereby she will have to execute unpopular decisions.

By nature Miss Pitstop is quite amiable, gregarious and social and is capable of communicating with people at almost all levels. Usually tactful and poised in nearly all situations. Miss Pitstop possesses proficient self-promotion abilities. In an attempt to divert trouble/hassle, she will become obsessively concerned with attention to detail which could result in her being perceived as defensive. Miss Pitstop could be inclined towards verbal creativity and on occasions she could be inclined to become too talkative. Whilst adapting to change does not particularly concern her, there is a desire to know why changes are being implemented. Miss Pitstop can be verbally creative and although capable of producing new ideas may not always execute them.

That’s a sample from page one of the detailed report for Penelope Pitstop. There are over 30 pages of content per respondent in total.

Overview Report

The snapshot above was taken from the overview report. The overview report is a general 4 page overview of the respondents work-based personality profile.

View Example Overview report for Penelope Pitstop

Interview Questions

This targeted interview pack provides the interviewer with essential questions to ask the job applicant, based on difficulties the candidate is likely to have faced in the past due to certain aspects of their personality or preferred behaviour.

Our DISC profiling system provides you with General questions, Sales-based questions and Manager-targeted questions to probe your job applicants past performance. These questions are individually tailored for each respondent based on their DISC profile.

View example Interview Questions report for Penelope Pitstop

Strengths and Weaknesses

This report is presented in a bullet-point list to provide a short, sharp summary of the respondents strengths and weaknesses based upon their DISC profile. Please note: weaknesses CAN be overcome through training, and this report provides you an opportunity to explore how your respondents have overcome their weaknesses.

View example Strengths and Weaknesses for Penelope Pitstop

Training Assessment

Discover what training your respondents would most benefit from using this report. Focused on soft-skills, this report is an invaluable aid to coaching your employees and can form the cornerstone of a performance improvement plan.

View example Training Assessment for Penelope Pitstop

Management Assessment

Want to know your respondents management style? This report details everything – how they communicate, how they lead, how they direct and how they manage their teams. Use it to get a handle on what type of manager a potential employee will become or to help your existing employees find their natural management style.

Managers who manage according to their natural management style are far less stressed than those who copy someone else’s managerial style.

View example Management Assessment for Penelope Pitstop

How To Manage

The report that your managers can use – this report details the respondents individual preferred communication style and aids the manager in getting the most from the employee.

View example How To Manage report for Penelope Pitstop

Career Strengths

A short report summarising the probable career direction of this respondent. It identifies the respondents value to the company as well as a ‘personality profile compatible’ job emphasis. Remember: Any personality profile can perform any job, but having personalities matched to the job role reduces stress and ultimately reduces staff turnover.

View example Career Strengths report for Penelope Pitstop

Executive Summary

The executive summary is a quick bullet point summary of the respondent and their preferred work-style. It covers the respondents general characteristics, value to the organisation and notes on how to get the most out of the respondent.

View example Executive Summary report for Penelope Pitstop