4 Ways to Increase Employee Morale

“It’s just a job” and “TGIF”… Sound Familiar?

Undervalued employees will eventually equate to unmotivated and unproductive staff. Organizations have the power to change the humdrum mindset and increase productivity by improving employee morale. It all comes down to making employees interested in and appreciated for their work.  Here are four suggestions organizations can do to increase morale among its staff.

Showing Respect

Sounds simple, but trust me it isn’t. In the hustle and bustle of the work day, respecting employees can get lost. Managers often forget to say Thank-you and please when running up against tight deadlines. And it is these little, minute details and niceties are things employees don’t easily forget. Managers must remain cognizant of the fact that employees are people and all people, no matter the size of the job, desire to be respected.

Having their Back

Supporting your employees when problems arise is not only the right thing to do; it’s a must thing to do. It makes employees feel valued. Good managers lend support to their staff.  They don’t hang them out to dry or turn the other way when conflict arises.  Showing support is one of those actionable items that lend credibility to your spoken words.  It is not enough to just say the words, but when push comes to shove, show that you mean those words.  If organizations stopped treating conflicts as bad things and embraced it as either teachable moment and/or as a way to boost employee morale by supporting their staff, there wouldn’t be as much. Believe me, stepping in an offering assistance to an employee involved in a conflict situation, will be deemed as most appreciated.

Insist on Training

Typically, managers are resistant to training because it means they will be short staffed for a day or week.  Get over it!  Research shows that lack of employee development is consistently ranked as one of the top ten morale busters.  Organizations need to offer their staff some type of training opportunities.  Whether it is conducted by expensive, outside companies or by a seasoned staff member, a good training class will help turn those frowns upside down. Offering training shows that you are willing to invest in your employee’s professional development. A well-trained staff is a more productive staff that will stay with the company because just as you are showing they are valued in return they will value the company. An easy and inexpensive way to set the tone that training is important at your company is to offer a New Hire Orientation to new hires. You can get experienced staff to conduct the training, a win- win all the way around.  A company that cultivates and fosters individual growth and development by offering employees training ultimately boosts morale.

Give them Food      

If all else fails, bring in the food.  This can be done inexpensively by holding a staff bonding where each staff brings in a dish, the phones are shut off for about an hour and everyone eats lunch and enjoys each other’s company. If the phones must be answered, offer to relieve the receptionist so that they can participate.  Holding a quarterly bonding is a great way to boost morale.  Additionally, if your budget allows, bring in coffee and donuts one morning or pizza on a night where some overtime is required to get the job done. Having lunch or sharing a coffee at break time will also go a long way in boosting staff morale.