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How DISC Works

Your candidates are asked 24 questions about which word they are most like (and least like). Even if candidates wish to cheat, their personality dictates which word they think is the best. Their choices help us map their preferred work-based behaviour. This allows us to provide you with tools to simplify short-listing and a full interview pack to assess, analyse and comprehensively interview the candidates with rigour across the board. 

With this in-depth information, you can confidently select the best candidate for the role.

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In addition to the short-list filtering tools, there are 3 report packs available for each candidate profiled:

Interview pack example PDF

Coaching pack example PDF

Soft skills example PDF

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    How our TeamBuilder system works

    TeamBuilder is our DISC profiling system. We give you a URL for your PBI (Personal Behaviour Inventory) and you send that to candidates and/or employees. Once the PBI is completed by your candidates you can filter them by the characteristics you’re looking for in the role and generate interview packs and coaching packs.

    1. We provide you with a Personal Behavioural Inventory link.
    2. You send this link to candidates and they complete the inventory assessment.
    3. You filter candidates with the click of a button according to characteristics you need for the job role.
    4. You click a button to generate personalised interview packs for your short-listed candidates.
    5. Your interviewers follow the step-by-step guide in the interview pack to get the maximum amount of information possible from the candidate to make an informed decision.
    6. You click a button to generate personalised coaching packs for your employeees – e.g. for yearly reviews
    7. You build teams with our visual interface and see visual team dynamics
    8. You click a button to generate team-manager cheat sheets for how to manage, how to communicate with and how to get the most out of each team member.

    What is the Personal Behaviour Inventory?

    This is our DISC profiling assessment. It is a series of questions designed to measure work-based behaviours. It has been independently verified and validated by Seattle Research Partners and has an accuracy rating of 81%.

    Our DISC assessment/Personal Behaviour Inventory works by asking the candidates which of four adjectives they are most like, and which they are least like. People tend to choose words they think are the best which tends to correlate with their behaviour.

    There are all kinds of interesting insights we can garner from the interplay of the candidates answers for you to explore at interview. Our interview questions are targeted at these insights to help you get the candidate talking openly about their full potential. The more information you have, the better hiring decisions you can make.

    DISC Factors

    The PBI produces a graph of the candidate’s four DISC factors. Candidates are somewhere on a scale of 0 to 100% for each factor. The 4 factors are Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance.

    Interview Packs

    Our Interview Packs are packs of reports for a specific job candidate. They include an executive summary of the candidate’s typical approach to work and a detailed questionnaire to probe their past work-based behaviours and their level of self-awareness.

    Reports included:

    • Executive Summary
    • Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Career Strengths
    • Interview Questionnaire

    View example interview pack

    See what filters are available for short-listing

    You can filter candidates on a wide variety of traits. Here is our actual short-listing filter from TeamBuilder:


    (these are not live – they’re just to show you what’s available in the TeamBuilder DISC short-listing system)

    If you know your interview candidates better, you're ahead of the game

    Coaching Packs

    Our coaching packs include three reports, helping you communicate better with your employees and get the most productivity out of them.

    Reports include:

    • Coaching overview report
    • How to manage report
    • Training needs assessment

    View example coaching pack

    How the DISC system is useful for coaching

    Job Matching

    If you get our HJI forms then you will be able to profile the behavioural role suited to a particular job role.

    This makes short-listing candidates far more effective and increases the relevance and quality of candidates you interview.

    Why companies should benchmark and perform job matching using DISC when recruiting

    Measuring Trainability

    In addition to our DISC systems, we also have a TQM (Training Quotient Measurement) test which measures the trainability of candidates or employees.

    This has revolutionised company performance in the past.

    How the TQM system transformed the production capabilities of a company in the west of Scotland


    Ian Hilditch
    DISC profiling experience: 37 years
    Based: Scotland
    Covers: UK

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        Choose one of the packs below and you can profile candidates yourself. Our TeamBuilder system is incredibly easy to use. Simply send your test link to your candidates and as they complete the test their DISC profiles will appear in your TeamBuilder area where you can filter them by traits and generate interview and coaching packs.

        Starter TeamBuilder £895

        Unlimited online PBI profiling

        Unlimited use of behaviour-based short-listing features

        300 units for generating reports

        Enough to generate 30 interview packs or 20 coaching packs

        No paper forms

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        Standard TeamBuilder £1495

        Unlimited online PBI DISC profiling

        Unlimited use of behaviour-based short-listing features

        500 TeamBuilder report generation units

        Enough units to generate 50 interview packs or 30 coaching packs

        50 paper-based PBI forms for face-to-face profiling

        Email support, priority response, typically within 2 hours, guaranteed within 24 hours

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        Premium TeamBuilder £2495

        Unlimited online PBI DISC profiling

        Unlimited use of behaviour-based short-listing features

        1000 TeamBuilder report generation units

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