• Improved Employees

    Modern talent development and discovery

  • Talent Discovery

    Uncover natural talent in your employee and candidate pool

  • Employee Cloning

    Find candidates similar to your best employees

  • Seat Matching

    Match employees to their best roles

  • Team and Culture Modelling

    Measure the characteristics of your team and company

  • Improved Interviews

    Interview packs tailored for each candidate

  • Improved Coaching

    Coaching Packs and Team Management Cheat Sheets

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Find candidates or employees similar to your star employees

Employee Cloning

Employee Cloning

With a single click of a button, you can identify job candidates and other employees with similar characteristics and soft skills to your star employees.

Use our employee cloning feature to improve your hiring process or to place existing employees in roles better-suited to their natural talents.

Match employees and candidates to their best natural role in your company

Seat Matching

Seat Matching

Match employees and candidates to their best roles. We provide multiple mechanisms to do this including employee clone search, characteristic search, job profiling, team profiling and career guides.

If you have an existing employee you’d like to place in a better role, we have the tools to help. These tools can also be used to match job candidates to the best seat for them in your company.

Measured ROI

Our integrated 360° feedback system, in addition to the traditional benefits of 360° feedback, measures the productivity gains achieved using the Improved Employees system.

Better yet, you don’t pay any extra for repeat 360s which we recommend occur every 6 – 12 weeks as your employees go through the learning process.

Measure the characteristics and focus of your team and company

Team and Culture Modelling

Team Modelling

Our unique team profiling system provides your managers with an at-a-glance overview of the characteristics of each team and can be used to measure the culture and make-up of your team and company culture.

Once you know the characteristics of your team you can adjust team-focus to your needs – make a team more accurate, more creative, more fast-paced or any of 15 other tweaks possible with the Improved Employees system.

Interview Packs Tailored for each candidate

Improved Interviews

Improved Interviews

Our interview packs are tailored to each job candidate based on the results of their soft skills assessment. You get an executive summary of the key strengths of each candidate, a career guide and a set of behavior-driven interview questions to help you cover areas of excellence and potential problem areas.

Adding our interview pack to your interview process helps your interviewers by providing them with far more information on which to base their decisions.

Coaching packs and team management cheat sheets

Improved Coaching

Improved Coaching

Team management cheat sheets with guides to key strengths of each team member, how to communicate with them individually and how to improve their performance bringing unparalleled increases in productivity.

Work-based behavior overviews and training assessments are included, all geared towards improving communication and productivity throughout your company.

Additional, advanced learning programs are also available – tightly integrated with the Improved Employees system, these 12 week learning programs give your employees all the knowledge they need to help your company conquer the competition. Call now for more details.

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Improved Employees Features

No Consultants

You know what's best for your company. We provide the tools to measure everything and YOU choose what to change.

Easy to Use

Training is provided via email, Skype and telephone to guide you through the process.

Trusted and Reliable

Our system has been independently validated to be 94% accurate from both self-perception and peer-approval.

Safe and Secure

Your data is stored at Hostway London with incredible security and redundancy built-in to keep your data safe and secure.

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July 12 2014

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